Should You Get Rid of Your Check in Desk?


Photo capture from Salon Today Magazine July/August 2015

Many salon owners today struggle with their front desk where clients come in, check-in, gather information etc. For many, the main problem with their front desk is their front-desk staff. This was the challenge salon owner of Lavish in Webster, Texas, Kristi Brehm faced, when she begin to research the concept of a “deskless check-in area”. Found in an article from Salon Today, Kristi Brehm was determined to fix the lack of interaction between front-desk staff and her clients. For many clients, lack of interaction or acknowledgement from a staff member can be perceived as bad customer service, something no business owner wants to be known by. In her search, Kristi came across different options such as iPad check-in, however this didn’t work for her because clients like to have a place where they can set their stuff down while they check in and wait. Finally, Kristi came up with an idea, an oval table in the middle of the salon’s retail area Capturewhere customers could go and check-in. This table which was classy, modern and white was the base for 3 Macs that sat on top where the clients could input their information. In addition, she installed a large lighting fixture from the ceiling right above the table making it a focal point. As clients walk in the salon, their eyes are automatically drawn to the middle of the room right were the check-in is. What happened after this new set up was incredible, as clients walk though the door, staff members would walk up to them and assist them, something that never happened before.

A Few Logistics:

To keep the table looking clean and modern, the table was customized to have all the wiring from the Macs run through a leg of the table and into the floor where they could be plugged in. In addition, no brochures or other marketing materials are kept on the table. Instead, they are hidden in a discrete drawer in the table where staff members can pull the literature and give it to clients as they greet them.

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