10 Fun Beauty Facts We Bet You Didn’t know

FB-BD-fun-beauty-factsModern Salon compiled a list of fun facts from various professionals in the beauty industry. These facts range from makeup application to all the way to marketing. Get ready to learn something new and share your fun facts on Betty Dain’s Facebook Page.

  1. It’s been said that applying color to dirty hair is the best way to achieve great lift, but it’s actually better to cleanse the hair before applying color. The truth is, the more color added to the hair, the longer it will last.—Tony Difria, National Education Director of All-Nutrient Hair Color
  1. Hair splinters are caused by lack of moisture in a client’s hair. If you want to get rid of those pesky splinters, simply dampen the hair with each cut.—Antonio McGill, Andis Educator
  1. Want more volume? Try backcombing. This technique can easily allow 3-4 inches of volume. Extend the hair outwards and brush it in an upward motion 2-3 times. The right teasing brush and products can also assist in this process.—Ted Gibson, celebrity stylist and owner of Ted Gibson Salon in NYC and Florida.
  1. Did you know that the bobby pin came about in the 1920’s? Back then, the short bob cut became very popular and many women wanted to achieve the look, but didn’t necessarily want to cut their hair. Instead, they pinned it up to mimic the style and keep it in place.—Nicholas French, 5-time NAHA winner
  1. Don’t overdo it. Too much sharpening can actually put your shears out of alignment.—Bonnie Megowan, founder and co-owner of Scissor Mechanic LLC and Educator for Bonika Shears.
  1. There are two main things to look for when choosing the right shampoo bowl. Make sure the bowl has a tilt to accommodate people of different heights and be sure to choose a ceramic bowl. This material will prevent stains caused by hair color.—Kari Baum, Designer at Takara Belmont
  1. Looking for more clients? Try partnering with a jewelry store by giving them your business card and a 20 percent off coupon. When a gentleman comes in to purchase an engagement ring, your information will be passed on to his future wife, who can potentially be a life-long client.—Tonya Moran, Vice President of STX Salon Software
  1. Promote your skills by incorporating designs in your haircuts. Use trimmers for better etching precision and a razor for touch ups. The more detailed the design, the higher the price. You can also charge an additional fee when adding colors to the design.—The Major League Barbering Team
  1. For a velvety finish, use a soft, round powder brush on pressed powder. This creates a shear application. Apply lightly, so the powder doesn’t build up and use a sponge if you want an opaque finish.—Kevin Mendelson, Global Educator for Jane Iredale
  1. Who would’ve thought? Large plant holders make for great hairpins. Simply motion the hair in a figure-8 around the prongs to create a unique style.—Antoinette Beenders, Senior Vice President of Creative & Global Creative Director of Aveda

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