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Social media is everywhere. It’s so easy to spend an hour on other stylists’ profiles, scrolling through their instagram pictures, but what about your own profile? This year, take the time to promote yourself and build your brand. Here are 9 tips you should use to boost your influence in the hair industry and social world.

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  1. Post often and post your best.

Make a habit of posting frequently and posting your best work. Whether it’s a cut, color, or style, use the visual nature of the industry to build your social buzz. Platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram allow you to gain followers and even potential clients just by sharing images with the world. Stylists are constantly browsing social media for the hottest trends or #hairspiration. You could be their next go-to person!

Before and after images are especially effective. A client’s privacy is very important, so you should always ask for their permission prior to posting images. Keep in mind, a profile or back of the head photo can be just as good as a straight-on photo. Also, be sure to edit your images using apps such as PicFrame, Afterlight, and Pixlr.

  1. Shoot like a pro.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Put time and effort into your photos, so your audience can see the type of stylist you are. Treat each photo opportunity like a mini photo shoot by finding the best angles, lighting, and background. Your background should always be clear from clutter and other people, and avoid typical shots in the salon chair. If you want to take it a step further, selfie stations and photo booths in the salon are a great new trend!

  1. Get personal

What kind of images would you like to see on social media? Now think about the images a potential client would like to see. Have fun on your social media platforms by adding funny memes or inspiration. It is also a good idea to put important information about yourself in the bio of your social sites. This allows potential clients to get to know you.

  1. #Wisely

It is important to hashtag wisely, since the goal is for people to find your work easily. Start by asking yourself the type of inspiration you look for when browsing. What hashtags do you use the most? If you can, avoid generic ones like #hair and #salon as your work will likely get lost in the mix. Use trending hashtags instead. Try creating your own hashtags and encourage clients to use them. They might be slow to pick up at first, but the more people use them, the more likely you are to create an online buzz.

  1. Put your stamp on it.

Remember to give yourself credit. Put watermarks on your work to avoid plagiarism by using apps like iWatermark. This is also a great way to boost your brand when people repost or share your work.

  1. Spread the love

Don’t forget to credit others in the process. Give shout outs to clients, models, and photographers by tagging them or letting them know how great they/their work looks. They will appreciate it and most likely share the post with their friends, creating even more buzz for you!

  1. Be social and be-have!

While being social and personable is great, remember to always be professional. Avoid profane or inappropriate content. Share tips and respond to comments/messages in a reasonable time.

  1. Video- An upcoming social trend

Yes, images are important, but consider incorporating video on your social sites as well. An image of a cool hairstyle is great, but a quick video tutorial is even better! How-to videos are very effective, and have gained popularity through Instavideo, Snapchat, and Periscope. Videos also allow your clients and fans to simply get to know you better by seeing your work in action.

Building your brand is like a job and should be treated as such. It’s all about doing your best to share your talents with the world. Remember, nothing stays the same, so do your research and stay up to date on the latest technology and practices in social media.

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FB-BD-budgeting-spending-tips-salon-debtThere are many parts involved when running a salon, especially expenses. Often times it may be difficult to manage, which can lead to a ton of debt. Here are six budgeting tips that will help to get your salon on the right financial track for the upcoming year.

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  1. Spending

Spending would naturally be at the top of this budgeting list as it is likely a big reason for debt and lack of savings. It is wise to record all salon expenses such as supplies, utilities, marketing, and any other area that money is being allocated. This includes the salon mortgage and credit cards as well. Write down every single expense the salon makes. Once that is complete, add a line for savings. Savings should also be treated like an expense. This way it won’t be so hard to establish and maintain. Note, this money shouldn’t stay in the salon. It should be deposited in an outside bank, money market, or mutual fund. After all, money can’t be spent if it’s not in your possession.

  1. Define expenses as percentages

Once you’ve listed the expenses in dollar amounts, it is a good idea to convert them to percentages. This is a good way to see how they relate to each other. For example, if your total expenses equal $5000 per month and your electricity is $500 per month, divide the 500 by 5000. Now you will see that 10% of your salon’s revenues go towards electricity. Some salons may exceed the 100% mark in expenses, but this provides an opportunity for changes like cutting back on unnecessary expenses.

  1. Prioritizing spending

Prioritize. Are all these expenses really important to the salon? Go through the list and identify which expenses are not important or semi-important. Now eliminate those unnecessary items from your day to day. Once the expense to revenue ratio is at a reasonable place, deposit that extra money into your salon’s savings account.

  1. Making the change

Find ways to cut back anyway you can. See if you are able to compromise on cost or compensation with your staff, suppliers, or even yourself. Make time to review the budget periodically in order to keep the expenses under control and maintain that savings account.

Coming face to face with your debt won’t be easy, but it’s very necessary, because debt can’t disappear on it’s own. However, not all debt is bad debt. There is such a thing as healthy debt, basically anything that will grow in value like a house or your education, and hopefully your salon. Unhealthy debt lies in expenses that won’t last; dinners, clothes, or your car. A car’s value depreciates as soon as it’s driven off the lot and in some cases depreciation on business equipment can provide a nice tax break, but that’s another discussion.

  1. Categorize / Prioritize payments

When you figure out which debt is healthy versus unhealthy, separate those expenses into sub groups of short-, intermediate-, and long-term. Then find out the interests rates for each. Tackle the high interest rate debts first as well as the ones with non tax-deductible interest rates. Try to keep your credit card balance as low as possible. With that being said, think about your interest and try to pay more than the minimum for your credit card bill.

  1. Curb those impulses

Don’t fall for the impulse buys. A good rule of thumb is to wait 24 hours before making a purchase that you don’t need. Chances are, the emotions, that play such a huge role in impulse buys, will pass.

Coping with debt

Do you still feel like you’re losing the battle with debt? Seek help. Check online or in your local business listings. There are organizations out there, such as nonprofit credit counselors that can assist you.

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FB-BD-fun-beauty-factsModern Salon compiled a list of fun facts from various professionals in the beauty industry. These facts range from makeup application to all the way to marketing. Get ready to learn something new and share your fun facts on Betty Dain’s Facebook Page.

  1. It’s been said that applying color to dirty hair is the best way to achieve great lift, but it’s actually better to cleanse the hair before applying color. The truth is, the more color added to the hair, the longer it will last.—Tony Difria, National Education Director of All-Nutrient Hair Color
  1. Hair splinters are caused by lack of moisture in a client’s hair. If you want to get rid of those pesky splinters, simply dampen the hair with each cut.—Antonio McGill, Andis Educator
  1. Want more volume? Try backcombing. This technique can easily allow 3-4 inches of volume. Extend the hair outwards and brush it in an upward motion 2-3 times. The right teasing brush and products can also assist in this process.—Ted Gibson, celebrity stylist and owner of Ted Gibson Salon in NYC and Florida.
  1. Did you know that the bobby pin came about in the 1920’s? Back then, the short bob cut became very popular and many women wanted to achieve the look, but didn’t necessarily want to cut their hair. Instead, they pinned it up to mimic the style and keep it in place.—Nicholas French, 5-time NAHA winner
  1. Don’t overdo it. Too much sharpening can actually put your shears out of alignment.—Bonnie Megowan, founder and co-owner of Scissor Mechanic LLC and Educator for Bonika Shears.
  1. There are two main things to look for when choosing the right shampoo bowl. Make sure the bowl has a tilt to accommodate people of different heights and be sure to choose a ceramic bowl. This material will prevent stains caused by hair color.—Kari Baum, Designer at Takara Belmont
  1. Looking for more clients? Try partnering with a jewelry store by giving them your business card and a 20 percent off coupon. When a gentleman comes in to purchase an engagement ring, your information will be passed on to his future wife, who can potentially be a life-long client.—Tonya Moran, Vice President of STX Salon Software
  1. Promote your skills by incorporating designs in your haircuts. Use trimmers for better etching precision and a razor for touch ups. The more detailed the design, the higher the price. You can also charge an additional fee when adding colors to the design.—The Major League Barbering Team
  1. For a velvety finish, use a soft, round powder brush on pressed powder. This creates a shear application. Apply lightly, so the powder doesn’t build up and use a sponge if you want an opaque finish.—Kevin Mendelson, Global Educator for Jane Iredale
  1. Who would’ve thought? Large plant holders make for great hairpins. Simply motion the hair in a figure-8 around the prongs to create a unique style.—Antoinette Beenders, Senior Vice President of Creative & Global Creative Director of Aveda

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Fuel Hair posted some hilarious comments of what stylists hear from clients during consultations via Modern Salon’s Lauren Salapatek. Clients, don’t be mad at us. This is all in good fun. Stylists, feel free to post any funny comments or questions you’ve heard to Betty Dain’s Facebook page.

  1. This is how I want my haircut, I drew you a picture.
  2. Can you cut off my bangs?
  3. I want three…layers.
  4. Can you cut all the dead stuff off?
  5. Keep my length at my shoulders but cut it so that it tucks itself behind my ears without me having to use my hand to tuck it.
  6. Did you have to go to school for this?
  7. Why doesn’t my hair grow curly when I’ve been having it permed for years? You would think it would come through curly.
  8. Client (dressed in chocolate brown shirt and khaki pants): “I wore this so you could see that I want chocolate brown hair with Khaki highlights.”
  9. I want my hair cut, but I don’t want to lose any length.
  10. Can you cut the curl out of my hair?
  11. I don’t want anything off the length and I want to grow out the layers, but I want shape. It’s so boring.
  12. Client: “Can you color my hair like my cat?” Stylist: “I don’t know what your cat looks like.”
  13. I want to be warm ash.
  14. Why does the color fade off my roots after a few weeks?
  15. Don’t cut my hair with a razor, but I want it to look like you did.”
  16. Can I just have a trim? I don’t have time for a haircut.
  17. Do I have to pay for a full haircut since you only gave me a trim?
  18. Which half are you highlighting because I want the top done?
  19. You’re very smart…for a hairdresser.
  20. I can’t believe you’re going on vacation!

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Photo capture from Salon Today Magazine July/August 2015

Many salon owners today struggle with their front desk where clients come in, check-in, gather information etc. For many, the main problem with their front desk is their front-desk staff. This was the challenge salon owner of Lavish in Webster, Texas, Kristi Brehm faced, when she begin to research the concept of a “deskless check-in area”. Found in an article from Salon Today, Kristi Brehm was determined to fix the lack of interaction between front-desk staff and her clients. For many clients, lack of interaction or acknowledgement from a staff member can be perceived as bad customer service, something no business owner wants to be known by. In her search, Kristi came across different options such as iPad check-in, however this didn’t work for her because clients like to have a place where they can set their stuff down while they check in and wait. Finally, Kristi came up with an idea, an oval table in the middle of the salon’s retail area Capturewhere customers could go and check-in. This table which was classy, modern and white was the base for 3 Macs that sat on top where the clients could input their information. In addition, she installed a large lighting fixture from the ceiling right above the table making it a focal point. As clients walk in the salon, their eyes are automatically drawn to the middle of the room right were the check-in is. What happened after this new set up was incredible, as clients walk though the door, staff members would walk up to them and assist them, something that never happened before.

A Few Logistics:

To keep the table looking clean and modern, the table was customized to have all the wiring from the Macs run through a leg of the table and into the floor where they could be plugged in. In addition, no brochures or other marketing materials are kept on the table. Instead, they are hidden in a discrete drawer in the table where staff members can pull the literature and give it to clients as they greet them.

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We’ve seen some pretty bad cuts and colors in the past, but these sure take the cake with DRAMATIC TRANSFORMATIONS! Let’s give a standing ovation to the brave stylists who took these pretty bad hair challenges on, and came out on TOP.



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In the world of a hair stylist we are often bound to uniform rules. However, these don’t always have to mean boring and clinical looking pieces that suck the fun out of being a hair stylist. Here at Betty Dain we love to offer stylist apparel that is both professional looking and fashionable! Let’s take a look at our TOP 3 picks this week.


Glitz Stylist Apron

Our Glitz Stylist Apron is stylish and functional. Made of a poly nylon blend material, this apron is water resistant and perfect to wear for styling hair. Featuring bottom zippered pockets for easy hair removal and an adjustable neck closure, this piece is uniquely comfortable! It’s sleek professional design has a little added flare with settled rhyme stone details.



Kool Breeze Stylist Vest

Our favorite piece! The Kool Breeze Vest is design with a stretch mesh back panel to keep you nice and cool. We love this piece because its functional without compromising a woman’s figure. Its two front pockets are also a great addition for easy access of small tools.


Criss-Cross “Comfort Fit” Stylist Apron

This “one size fits most” Criss-Cross Apron is made of lightweight polyester and is water resistant. Its adjustable criss-cross straps relieve neck fatigue, making this a bonus feature! Its unique channel design also offers easy access for clips.


To learn more about Betty Dain Apparel please visit our website CLICK HERE

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Cheeky Strut

This fabulous marketing tactic was originated by Kaite Lyn Christoffersen, owner of Cheeky Strut Salon in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Image @cheekystrut)

Here’s a must have marketing tactic to add to your strategy! Add a Selfie Station in your salon. What is a Selfie Station you ask? It is an area in your salon specifically designated for clients to take selfies of their fabulous new do’s. The area usually consists of a mirror and a chair where clients can seat and take pictures of their hair. So what’s so special about that? More often then not, clients take selfies to publish on their social media profiles and when done properly, you can make the name of your salon appear on their picture, almost like an automatic watermark! Simply add a decal sticker with the name of your salon to the mirror intended for selfies. When clients post their selfies, their friends will be able to see the name of your salon on the mirror- BRILLIANT.

Cheeky Strut1

This fabulous marketing tactic was originated by Kaite Lyn Christoffersen, owner of Cheeky Strut Salon in Grand Rapids, Michigan. (Image @cheekystrut)

Take it a step further, make it hashtag! Assuming your salon has an Instagram account (IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE YOU MUST GET ONE NOW) Make the decal a hashtag that your salon is known by, in most cases it will be the name of your salon, part of it, or perhaps something else all together. Making the decal a hashtag will automatically encourage the “selfie takers” to hashtag YOU!

By the way, it doesn’t matter if you’re a salon owner, a booth renter or anything else! You can apply this idea anywhere. For example, if you are a booth renter, or you work out a salon suite, you may not have the space to put in a Selfie Station. However, the limitation of space does not matter, just add the decal to your normal working mirror.


Check out these Selfie Stats by Salon Today (July/August 2015)


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Hundreds of students graduate everyday with their newly acquired Cosmetology license. Some are getting their license in their 30s, 40s and beyond, while most decided to attend Cosmetology school right after high school. No matter what the case is or what level of expertise the recent grad currently posses, there are some essentials things every new graduate must have in order to stand out from the competition and get the job.

Create a Portfolio. This is a must have! Not only as a physical portfolio but also online. When approaching salons, sending in a resume or stepping into an interview, it is important to be able to show with actual photos that the delicate act of hair transformations can be performed. As the portfolio is created, include nothing but the best photos of your work. Remember that the key is to wow the potential employer. Include lots of before and afters and be sure to include variety. An employer doesn’t want to see an entire portfolio of bob cuts, this will lead them to think that you only know one hair cut style (that’s an automatic NEXTTTTT and out the door).  When presenting your portfolio, you have two options, create a physical portfolio OR show it within a tablet. If you already own a tablet, we suggest you go that route because it’ll save you the expenses of putting a physical portfolio together. With a physical portfolio you have to keep in mind the cost of producing it. When presenting pictures, it is recommended to buy an 11X17 hard case portfolio, if you want to get fancy, a lot of websites offer personalized portfolios where you can add your logo to the cover (this also looks more professional and will leave a positive impression on your potential employer). There is also the cost of printing, assuming that you’ve used nothing but high resolution photos for your portfolio- LIKE YOU SHOULD- you’ll also want to print them on good quality paper from your local print shop. Before you embark in the creation of your portfolio, search for samples online and try to determine what style of portfolio you want to create.

Create a Website. Once you have a portfolio, create a website and upload it there. Your website should be a representation of you and what you can do. Add your professional work, your recommendations from past employers or teachers, client testimonials, your contact information, etc. Add your resume as well to make it easier for employers to download it if they want. Having an online presence is important. When you give your resume to an employer, more often than not, the first thing they will do is to Google your name. Having an online presence also makes it easier for recruiters and salon owners to find you as they search the web for potential new candidates.

Social Media. Along with your website, you should create public social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc). Use these platforms to upload your work and get your name out there. The bigger your presence and the larger your fan base, the more you’ll stand out to an employer against the competition.

Your Resume. If you’ve never written a resume before, look at samples from other hair stylists, look at samples online and be sure to present a well thought out and “meaty” resume. If you are a recent grad with little to no experience, get creative! Include projects and clients you worked on while in school.

Use Your Network of Contacts. When searching for your new job, your first “go tos” should be your friends and family who are already working in the hair industry. Check with them and put out a call for a job search. If you did a good job networking while in school with students and salon owners, be sure to check in with them as well.

Job Search Online. When you’re ready to begin your online search for your dream job, utilize websites that are hair industry specific such as and If you search through regular employment sites like, or, be sure to search with specific key words that will help narrow down your search results. Use key words such as “salon”, “hair stylists”, “hair cuts”, and “hairdresser”.

Ok, so we’ve covered some of the basics. Now prepare for your interview and remember, always send a thank you email after meeting with employers.

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Betty Dain Bleach Proof Cape

10408609_954563167927687_8578935453303788087_nBleach, color, & chemical proof- the bleach proof Cape is a favorite among ‪#‎hairstylists‬ and a top seller! Try it for yourself today- Find a distributor in your area>>>

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